The big water deficit of Taiz city represents necessity to look for a nearby location that has suitable features for constructing a desalinating station and as that the misdirected condensers heat of Mokha steam electrical station, which is located near water source (seawater) represent the main factor can be exploited in the desalination of the city of Taiz.
The work aims to: Choose a site for the desalination plant for the city of Taiz and then conduct a comprehensive study of the site to determine its suitability. choose the best source of thermal and electrical energy as possible in the site in order for us choose the most appropriate system That comply with the power source and then conduct a comprehensive study of the selected energy source to determine the its characteristics to make sure The authenticity of the our selection to him. Finally determine the amount of benefit from the misdirected heat condensers for steam station Mokha in desalination
The concluding results have indicated that:
 The basic advantages of the location are the required. The best decision for constructing desalinating system is by evaporation that is multi-effects by using solar collectors as a source of the energy in combination with the Heat condensers for steam station and who will claim to achieve the best return on practical and economic system.
 The properties of solar radiation in an excellent location, which confirms the correctness of our choice of source and qualifies Site to thermal power generation.
 The misdirected condenser heat of Mokha electric steam station equals 41 Co. Which means that it is possible to make use of it to desalinate water with a productivity of 10000 M3/ day for Taiz city. It will help to raise the nutrition water temperature which will lead to: reduce the number of phases of the system from 5 to 3 , which reduce construction costs and also maintenance and operation as well will work to reduce the necessary heat for thermal exchange inside condenser by 25% that would raise the efficiency of multi-effect desalination system.