The surface to volume ratio of concrete pavement is large, also, due to hot climate of Iraq, coating concrete pavement after casting is essential to ensure vital curing, consequently to obtain significant engineering properties. This research work reports the results of a study performed to evaluate the engineering properties of concrete coated with concrete surface coatings solutions; two types of coating were used representing co-polymer (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber, SBR) and by-product material (Residue Crude, RC). Different coating solutions were prepared from these solutions, individually and collectively; i.e. 100% SBR, 75% SBR+25% RC, 50% SBR+50% RC, 25%SBR+ 75%RC, and 100%RC. The engineering properties of the uncoated and coated concrete samples were evaluated by assessing compressive strength, flexure strength and hardness for concrete convenience for highway rigid pavement. The compressive strength was evaluated for the specimens at 7, 14, 28 and 90 days, where flexure and hardness were evaluated at 28days.
The results showed that the coated samples with both SBR and RC performed noticeably better in contrast with uncoated samples under air-dry conditions. Additionally, obvious differences in the performance of the collective solutions were recognized. From the results, however, local by-product materials have been proven as a significant coating materials suitable to enhance the concrete used for pavement purposes.