Many different media are used and operated by batch system to study the effect of using to reduce the heavy metals (lead, chrome and copper) ions from polluted water .The media used in this study are cone powder of corn, pinnulace corn and granular activated carbon. Many tests are conducted in these experiments to reduce these ions through various dosage of media with fixed the other conditions (mixing time, pH, volume of solution and speed of mixing). The concentration of the metals in solution where measured before and after the treatment by atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The removal efficiency of the three ions (Pb, Cr and Cu) are (93.0, 78.0 and 71.2)%, respectively with pinnulace corn, (87.4, 61.4 and 64.8 )% respectively with powder of corn and (98.3, 96.5 and 96.8)% respectively with granular activated carbon (GAC), with higher dosage for each media. These results show the ability of cone powder of corn and pinnulace corn to reduce the heavy metals from industrial waste water.