Experimental work were carried out in gas- solid CFBs to investigate the steady state heat transfer between gas and solid and the surface immersed in the bed. The bed column was 76 mm in inside diameter and 1500 mm in height fitted with a horizontal heating tube with outer diameter 28 mm heated electrically with different power supplies (105 W). The fluidizing medium was air at different velocities ( 4.97, 5.56 and 6 m/s). Three different size of sand particle were employed (i.e 194, 295 and 356 μm). The initial bed height used experimentally with different values ( 15, 25 and 35 cm). The column of heat exchange provide with return line which content of the cyclone to separated the sand with type is High efficiency cyclone connected to standpipe to transport the separated sand to riser mixing region inside the riser. Heat transfer coefficients are found to increase with fluidized air velocity and, through clear, with heat flux, but, they show an inverse dependence on particle size, and direct proportional with initial bed height which representation the bed density.