The Al-Dewanyia Water General Authority (DWGA) operates and maintains four water treatment plants to produce potable water for 300,000 inhabitations in Al-Dewanyia city. Surface water from Al-Dewanyia river is treated by aluminum sulphate (alum) coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and chlorine disinfection (clearwell). DWGA has set goals for turbidity for clarified and filtered water. These goals pertain to water inside the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), outside the water treatment plant, and in the distribution system, DWGA continues to meet the Iraqi Ministry of Health Standard of 5 NTU. Each day at DWGA WTPs, chemists measure the turbidity of water from each individual clarifier and from each individual filter. The WTP Manager reviews this data and uses it to make process control decisions about chemical dosage and filter backwash. This paper explains DWGA’s Turbidity Goal for filtered water, presents recent data, and describes how WTP managers use this data for process control. Any water treatment plant in Iraq can use these procedures. The results can be better process control and higher quality water