This study deals with experimental studying of the influence of an adjacent surcharge loads on pile's behavior in both horizontal and sloping ground surface. A number of laboratory tests were performed on instrumented aluminum pipe piles of 25 mm outer diameter embedded in sandy soil subjected to surcharge load. The study took into consideration the effect of surcharge intensity, sloping ground and soil's relative density on lateral deformation of piles in terms of displacement and bending moment. The study was performed on different sloping ground [vertical to horizontal (V:H)] such as, "1V:3H", "1V:2.5H", "1V:2H" and "1V:1.5H", in addition to horizontal ground. Three different relative densities of sand (29% , 50% and 75%) were adopted in this study. The results showed that the increasing in the surcharge loads increases lateral displacement and bending moments of piles in horizontal and sloping ground surface. It was also calculated that the bending moments and displacement of piles increase with increasing sloping ground and decreasing relative density of soil.