All people now a day are focusing on an important issue which is 'security' where all Rigid, worthy dealing with, and creditable companies pay a lot of attention for this problem. Therefore the cost, usage, portability must be taken in consideration. This work demonstrate the use of a smart, small, not expensive and the most important realistic portable lock with portable low consumption power supply and security coverage area with minimum side effect and maintenance.
This lock is not the representative for a key but it may represent a badge, an ID, or a credit card or social security card …. etc. So it’s very close to the use of the human normal day life and hence it will not be a security burden since the security card may be embedded within other cards like car security card or credit card …etc.
The system is implemented and tested with no need for a sophisticated material but easy equipment may stand enough to achieve the job with very accept able cost. The system achieves high security password and a master electronic key that cannot be copied within the available constraint and high control operating environment and a backup plan in case of key lost.