Extrusion, among other types, is one of the most important forming processes due to its high productivity, lower cost and its good ability to improve the physical and mechanical properties of extruded materials. FE simulation was carried out on ABAQUS software ver.6.9. to study the distribution of stress and temperature which created through the extrusion process. The results of present study are accentuated that, there is a complicated relationship between stress and temperature distribution relative to die angle and friction coefficient. It was found, in the range of tested cases, at friction coefficient of more than ( 0.08 ), for ( 45o ) die angle, the maximum value of temperature is twice higher than that of ( 75o ), hence the die angle has more significant effect on state of stress and temperature than that of friction coefficient. Nevertheless, a high die angle ( α = 75o ) emerged low value of maximum temperature due to easily flow of material toward the die orifice. Furthermore, there are a gradual increasing of vonMises criterion and temperature with increasing the friction coefficient while they are decreasing with increasing the die angle.