hen the steam turbine-generator is connected with series of compensation along the transmission line, the sub synchronous resonance may happen. The Flexible Ac Transmission System (FACTS) controller of the devices wide use which has been used to reduce and suppress the phenomenon of sub-synchronous resonance the Thyristor Control Series Compensation (TCSC) and Static VAR Compensation (SVC) are the types of FACTS controller that has been used to put down the SSR and also for the purpose of provide a better and efficient solution to improve the transferred capacity system to connect the series compensation along the transmission line. Series capacitor work to increase the chance of creating sub synchronous resonance. Series capacitors also have an inclination to amplify the shaft stress during considerable network transien toccurrence, SSR phenomena happen which can cause damage of the shaft generator turbine. The first standard model of IEEE was adopted to study this phenomenon. This research deals the PID control of SVC( Static VAR Compensation) and TCSC (Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator) and excitation system controller for reducing SSR in power system. In this research, the method of Eigenvalue was used to analysis the sub-synchronous resonance phenomenon and the result was verified using DYMOLA simulation