Document Type : Research Paper


Roads and Transport Department, College of Engineering, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq


By creating enough parking places, cities may be able to lessen congestion and traffic disruption. Thus, the primary issue that frequently arises in urban areas is on-street parking. In Al- Diwaniyah city's urban streets, on-street parking is a common occurrence. In order to analyze on-street parking characteristics, this study has concentrated on three congested sites: Al-Orzady Street, Al Saray Street, and Almusawreen Stree. Thus; field data were collected using in -out method. The characteristics and kind of parking were looked into. According to the activities at the three sites, it was mostly discovered that the peak time is in the afternoon between 3:10 PM and 4:40 PM. The results of the data analysis show that St3 has a high parking turnover of 1.348 and St1 has a low turnover of 0.67. It was also found through the questionnaire paper that the majority of the vehicles parked on the street are for the purpose of shopping. Finally, the results indicate that weekdays in the research area are a typical time for illegally parking.