1 ministry of education

2 Engineering Technical College, Southern Technical University, Basrah, Iraq


Due to the characteristics of Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA chain which contains a very wide range of parallelism mechanism, and the computing processing speed can arrive at 1 billion times per one second. It is worth only a billionth of a traditional computer. It became the focus of the attention of researchers in the field of encryption. The aim of this study is to find an efficient and safe algorithm for data encryption as well as decryption. A symmetric novel method is proposed in this paper depends on DNA encryption by applying a mixture of DNA oligonucleotide and new development of algorithm technology steps. It includes encoding each character to a predefined decimal number, converting it to its equivalent binary number and then converting it into DNA coding. Finally, converts each code of DNA to a number that represents a row and column numbers. Simulation all all text (words) is executed in parallel by using Visual Basic programming, obtained an excellent encoding result in terms of time because all the characters, so the algorithm is able to process the largest number of data, all of them encode at the same time. An efficient, fast and highly encoding scheme has been obtained due to the complete executing parallelism of the DNA-based algorithm.