Document Type : Research Paper


Laboratory of Mechanic, Material, and Photonic, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National School of Agro-Industrial Sciences, The University of Ngaoundere, P. O. Box 543 Ngaoundere-Cameroon


The purpose of this paper is to study the disassembly task time in the maintenance and recycling context, knowing that only the reassembly task is needed in repairing operation. Dis/reassembly activities are delicate and need precise intervention due to the obligation of equipment refunctioning constraints. Time spent for dis/reassembling faulty components should be well-deducted and standardized. It is not always the case due to the various variant disassembly metrics and contexts. The Work Factor Method during dis/reassembly activities helps to develop the operational dis/reassembly time models. These models contribute to defining effective Time as far as operational dis/re-assembly activity is concerned and can help to optimize maintenance and recycling task planning.