1 Al-Diwaniyah Gas Turbine Power Plant, Ad'Diwaniyah 58001, Iraq

2 Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Ad'Diwaniyah 58001, Iraq


The gas turbine engines are occupied an important sector in the energy production and aviation industry and this important increase day after day for their features. One of the most important parameters that limit the gas turbine engine power output is the turbine inlet temperature. The higher is the turbine inlet temperature, the higher is the power output or thrust but this increases of risks of blade thermal failure due to metallurgical limits. Thus the need for a good and efficient process of blade cooling can lead to the best compromise between a powerful engine and safe operation. There are two major methods: film or external cooling and internal cooling inside the blade itself. . In the past number of years there has been considerable progress in turbine cooling research and this paper is limited to review a few selected publications to reflect recent development in turbine blade film cooling. The maximum drop in the surface temperature of the gas turbine blade and associated thermal stress – due to incorporating cooling systems- were 735 ˚C, 1217 N/mm2 respectively.