Institute of Technology-Baghdad, Middle Technical University, Iraq- Baghdad


Up to date the cubic equation or matrix tensor is consisting of nine values ​​such as stress tensor that turns into the cubic equation which has been used for solving classic method. This is to impose an initial root several times to get it when achieves the equation and any other party is zero. Then dividing the cubic equation on the equation of the root. After that dividing the cubic equation on the equation of the root and using the classical method to find the rest of the roots. This is a very difficult issue, especially if the roots are secret or large for those who are looking in a difficult field or even for those who are in the examination room. In this research, two equations were reached, one that calculates the angle and the other that calculates the three roots at high accuracy without any significant error rate. By taking advantage of the traditional method, not by imposing a value to get the root of that equation, but by imposing an equation to get the solution equation that gives the value of that root. After imposing that equation, the general equation was derived from which that calculated the three roots directly and without any attempts. The angle that was implicitly derived during the derive of the main equation is calculated by taking advantage of the constants that do not change (invariants) for the matrix tensor (T).