Civil Eng. Depart./ College of Eng./ University of Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq


This paper presents and validates a numerical model utilizing the nonlinear finite element software ABAQUS/Standard to simulate the performance and failure of GFRP reinforced concrete beams under high temperature. A numerical model was firstly developed by selecting the proper geometrical and material modelling parameters with suitable analysis procedure available in ABAQUS/Standard. The developed numerical model was verified by comparing numerical results with the corresponding results of experimental test extracted from current study on GFRP-RC beams under different elevated temperatures ranges from (20 to 600ºC). Validation results have indicated the accuracy of the suggested numerical model. The validated numerical model was implemented to investigate the effect of important parameters on the performance and maximum load of GFRP-RC beams under different elevated temperatures that are not considered in the current experimental tests. These parameters include effect of exposed time or time- temperature history; effect of temperature distribution around the beams cross-section. Results indicate that the finite element software ABAQUS/Standard can reasonably predict the performance and ultimate load of GFRP-RC beams under different elevated temperatures.