1 Mechanical Eng. Dep./ University of Al-Qadisiyah

2 Department of Mechanical Eng. University of Al-Qadissiyah


This work examines the characteristics of combustion, performance and emissions of single cylinder diesel engine powered by diesel fuel and a different volume percentages of the caster methyl ester (CME). The selected biodiesel is studied numerically using the simulation program diesel-rk. The results reported that peak pressure is closer to the top dead center (TDC), as the percentage of CME. The brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) is increased slightly as the blending of biodiesel is increased. All the selected biodiesel ratios are found to release higher NOx emission compared to diesel. Dramatic reduction in smoke levels 15.25 %, 35.3 %, 40.7 %, 45.71 %, 49.43 %, and 52.73 % with B10% CME, B20% CME, B30% CME, B50% CME, B70% CME and B100% CME respectively. B20% CME biodiesel was the best remarked ratio which gives slight variations in performance with a good reduction in the carbon emissions compared to diesel fuel. The results are compared with other researchers work and nice convergence is observed.