Faculty of Engineering – University of Al-Qadisiyah-Iraq


This study deals with the atomization of hollow cone spray water with low air cross flow. The visualization of the hollow cone spray by shadowgraphy, from the nozzle exit. The diameter of the nozzle allows to observe different modes of breakup and different structures (ligaments, helices, ...). The treatment of these images makes it possible to determine the drop size distribution of the spray droplets in function of length scales of the downstream flow. In the measurements of water hollow cone spray with injection pressures of 25kPa and air velocity of 10 m/sec. The calculations at the exit of the injector, in two planes perpendicular, and the average droplet sizes in the presence of air low cross flow conditions. The structure and characteristics of the whole and sectional body of the spray are investigated at different times. The results show the droplet trajectory profile of the liquid droplets is in a good an agreement with analytical solution.