Department of chemical engineering, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq


An electrochemical oxidation method was performed in a batch electrochemical reactor using graphite anodes for treating an effluent obtained from Al-Diwaniyah petroleum refinery plant. The effective f process parameters like current density (4-20m Acm-2), pH (3-9), and NaCl concentration (0-3 g/l) on the COD and phenol removal efficiency have been investigated. The results reveal that the best conditions were current density 12 mA cm-2, pH 7, NaCl concentration 2 gl-1 at a treatment time of 60 minutes. Under  best conditions of COD removal efficiency 100% and phenol removal efficiency 99.12% were obtained at current efficiency 33.5% and power consumption 59.9 kWh/kg COD. The anodic oxidation was proven to be efficient for treatment Al-Diwaniyah petroleum refinery effluent to get effluent with features in agreement with the standard limits for discharge to the environment at a lower cost.