Department of mechanical engineering, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq.


Given the importance of gas turbines in the process and amount of global energy from fossil fuels, the views were directed toward this study in addition to the availability of the liquefied petroleum gas and  because of knowing  many details of it is composition and behavior this type of fuel has been proven. The development of the tangential swirl burner geometry also one of the targets of this study by reducing the combustion instability  include flashback and the minimizing in the burner size comparing with other classic tangential swirl burner shape include cylindrical confinement with conical cup confinement. The authors take care in previous studies in field of swirling flow either in scope of geometry characteristics  or in scope of fuel issues. The geometrical swirl number which play an important factor in swirling flow had been taken in the consideration for the process of the tangential swirl burner manufacturing as well as the heat caloric value of the operating fuel. The experimental results of combustion the liquefied petroleum gas had been proved that the formal additions added in this study to development the burner nozzle  mouth will reduce and improve the occurrence of the operational problems represent flashback and an increasing in the working area by increasing the flashback limits for both premixed and partial premixed combustion  modes which will be clarified and the mechanism of composition in the following sections of this paper.