Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq.


This study  was carried out in order to explore the behaviour of RC deep beams strengthening with CFRP strips. Eight simply supported deep beams were fabricated and tested under four-points loading scenario. Three different orientations for CFRP strips were used for strengthening the RC deep beams ; vertical, horizontal and inclined. All of the tested  samples were of the same dimensions, concrete strength and steel reinforcement. A percentage increase in load carrying capacity of 48, 19 and 38% (with respect to the unstrengthened beam) was gained for beams strengthened with vertical, horizontal and inclined FRP strips, respectively. It was concluded that the strengthening with FRP strips of vertical fabric orientation is more efficient than strengthening with horizontal or inclined orientation since the vertical orientation gives the highest load carrying capacity, largest deflections at ultimate load and smallest crack width. On the other hand, applied the FRP strips in  a horizontal orientation   was  insufficient for the strengthening purposes.