Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Architecture Engineering, College of Engineering, Salahaddin University, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.



Due to urbanization, it has been found that public open spaces shared in the city is not maintained in many cases, as new investments are trying to get use of the land to construct more buildings, same tendency has been noticed with residential estates. The treatment for the shortages of public open spaces can be achieved by providing sufficient private open spaces in housing estates. Furthermore, it is important for the designers to consider the dwelling layout to provide the best environment for the residents; this will be through maintaining high level of household satisfaction. One main element of household satisfaction is open spaces. In this research paper, private open space assessments in 4 investment projects with 98 samples were approached in Erbil. To investigate and examine how the exterior environment of the dwellings affects the residents’ satisfaction, based on plot size and number of bedrooms that been performed by survey on selected projects through documentation survey and questionnaire. The evaluation had been performed through two stages, first the technical assessment according to Iraqi standards, and second resident’s response regarding satisfaction level. The research objectives obtained using SPSS software, through using descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analysis, the results of the research discovered that all the projects except Minara B were in the range of Iraqi standards, slightly above minimum level. Moreover, the level of overall satisfaction with these projects started from neutral to slightly satisfied, but residents have responded that they need some more parts of private open spaces.