Document Type : Research Paper


University of Sulaimani / College of Engineering / Architecture Department



Contemporary hospitals may be recognized by a large variety of activities, not only delivery of care but also some concerns, such as the satisfaction level of users. This research investigates the relationship between outpatient department (OPD) design elements and medical staff satisfaction and performance, especially in light of the pandemic since 2020. A mixed-method approach was used to gather doctors' and nurses' perspectives at two hospitals in Sulaimani City. This involved an EBD questionnaire and a modified AEDET checklist where respondents filled out a 39-item questionnaire at the hospitals' OPD. The results highlight the importance of the interior environment's quality in promoting the satisfaction of medical staff. The results from the medical staff surveys showed that most medical staff expressed satisfaction with the indoor design elements, and three factors, infection control, interior appearance, and comfort and control, were essential to creating a satisfactory indoor environment. A negative correlation of some demographic information, such as practical experience and educational attainment, with medical staff satisfaction was revealed. The findings suggest that investigating the views of the medical staff can indicate the level of significance of various elements that increase their satisfaction and performance, contribute to the general body of knowledge, and inform design decisions.