The aim of this research is to study the effect of polymeric additives to water on friction coefficient change in a turbulent pipe flow which would cause in reduction of drag resistance.
Experiment is done using the polyacrylamide ( PAM ) as polymeric additive to show the effect of addition of ( PAM ) with case low concentrations (0.005,0.013 , 0.025%) on the friction factor (λ) . The results show that the addition of (PAM) will reduce (λ) with a range from 6.51 to 37.95% comparable with the friction coefficient (λ) for water before addition in a turbulent flow case.
Also a study of the addition effect of ( PAM ) with different concentrations between ( 0.005 – 0.06% ) on the reduction percent of (λ) is carried out . The results show increasing

the effect of the addition (PAM ) cause in increasing the reduction percent Δλ / λ % with a range of 6.51 to 44.62% . It is found that the peak values called the optimum values)Cp*(of PAM between 0.03&0.042. Increasing the addition of PAM cause in decreasing the effect of reduction percent with concentrations at several Reynolds number as follows:
( Re = 25350 & 0.03%, Re = 28355& 0.033 % , Re=34981&0.038 % , Re=39360 & 0.039% , Re=44985 &0.042%).