In this work, an experimental study was designed and conducted to investigate the effect of using Q-bond panels on a typical wall at Iraqi local winter conditions. The Q-bond panel's dimensions were 1 m2 x 3 mm thickness. An air gap of 5cm is made between the wall and Q-bond panel. A through temperature measurements were made on both sides of the wall with and without using Q-bond panel all over 10 hours for different weather conditions (sunny , Partly clouded and runny days) on 2 , 5 , and 16 December 2010 respectively, and also for complete two days (24 hours) on 23-24 December 2010(sunny days). A point located in the middle of the wall face was found to be the most representative. The measured amplitude of the inside wall temperature variation with Q-bond was less than that for the same wall without the Q-bond.