In this study, the stress analsis of the steel-aluminum compound thick cylinders under the effects of internal pressure, thermal loading and rotational loading has been carried out using the finite element method. The structure is treated as axisymmetric body, because each of the geometry and applied loads are symmetric about the longitudinal axis.
The stresses variations (Hoop, Axial, Radial, Equivalent) through the walls thickness are determine here and the results were checked using two theories of elastic failures (Tresca and Von-Misses).
The results showed that, the Hoop stresses at the inner surface is about (600 MPa) due to effect of Internal pressure, (-500 MPa) due to thermal load, (57 MPa) due to effect of rotational speed while about (150 MPa) due to the effect of the total loading.
It can be seen that the max. hoop stress concentrated at the contact surface between the two cylinders. Also the temperature distribution through the cylinder thickness has been determined.