The well waters are important source to provide potable water by using storage water under ground level, it important source to provide potable water in desired.
In this study, 14 wells has been driven in some of villages Dyala governmental. A study has been selected samples from well waters, it tested chemically & physically especially (Total Dissolved Solids TDS) in Central Organization for Standardization & Quality Control in Baghdad.
A study has been drawing necessary graphs between salinity concentrations ratios in well waters & the standard limits in Iraqi standards for potable water No. 417, Also the study has been taken suitable photos for drilling, putting filter pipe screen & gravel filter pack & isolated matter between ground water and shallow water.
By this study, we can depend on the wells to provide potable water. From test results, just two wells are passing all important lab. Tests, it clean water no pollution & depend on it directly to provide potable water after disinfection stage, while the rest required to desalinate by (Reverse Osmosis system) & disinfection processes, a few of wells doesn't desalinate because high cost.