The structure of flow and heat transfer characteristics over a heated fin (at constant heat flux) in rectangular duct with using triangle protrusion has been studied numerically. An incompressible flow and finite volumes method (FVM) in general coordinates with collocated grid arrangement are used to solve two dimensions continuity, Navier – Stokes and energy equations. The Prandtl number and Reynolds number are takes as 0.71 and 2000 respectively.
At present study, different lengths of base of triangle protrusion (d/H = 0, 0.26, 0.53, 0.8, 1.07, 1.33) at (l/H= 0.13) was used. The results were compared with the case of flow inside duct without using protrusion. The results indicate that heat transfer and pressure drop is affected by the length of protrusion base especially near the triangle protrusion. The results illustrate that the heat transfer will be increasing with decreases the length of protrusion base. This study identifies an enhancement in the average heat transfer with increasing in pressure drop