In this study, a practical models are accomplished on a group of houses in Diwaniyah ,Halla ,Karabla,and Najaf. A PVC pipe of (6 inch) diameter and (0.5m) length associated with an electrical pump to raise the level of water to the circulating tank open up which is basin at the earth's surface. A vertical (PVC) pipe was placed at the bottom of basin of the circulating tank and its length between (12-15) m which is used to lower the water to the underground water with holes of (3mm) diameter every each (5cm) long after the depth of (2m) from the connecting region. A simple treatment was done on the sewage water by the septietank and circulating tanks to make the pollution near to the accepted ratios during the oxidation of organic matter in the sewage water. During this study 90% of the sewage water was ejected to the groundwater with a continuous monitoring to its level. The results showed that the study model was appropriate to (250) person for each unit. It is the way to take advantage of sewage water in ecological development through the shipment of groundwater