The paper studies the distribution of stresses and strains of deep drawing process until the failure. The process is modeled with its four basic parts: the punch, the die, the holder and the blank. As the study concentrates on the blank, the blank in modeled as an elastic body, where the other parts are modeled as rigid bodies .The study is performed on two sets: the first set with Von-Mises plastic criteria & the second set with Hill criteria to take the anisotropy into consideration. For both set the coefficient of friction is set to constant value. The study focuses on the failure analysis by changing the punch stroke until the value of the blank diameter to monitor the thinning of the cup thickness. Due to importance of the springback in metal forming which determines the residual stress inside the blank, model of springback is added. The study is performed using the finite element code ANSYS 11 .The effect of entropy; stroke length and springback on the deep drawing process can be no test on the behavior on the metal forming.