There are many kinds of wind mills and turbines. In this study, practical rig models of two turbines were manufactured at Nassiriya city (31.036o N, 46.21o E) to compare their work with other related properties and fundamentals. The first is vertical axis wind turbine called Savonius rotor (S- rotor) with dimensions (1500*500*8) mm, the second is horizontal axis wind turbine has a components of plastic blade, steel bearing, steel base, steel shaft, bearings and pointed blade, the plastic blades erected on steel support of length 210 mm. Theoretical analysis of turbines motion were presented in wide manner of explanation. The readings of the two turbines were done in 2nd, 3rd, 8th March and 2nd, 4th April , 2011for many parameters of motion, angular velocity, linear velocity, kinetic energy, air mass flow rate and mechanical power. The results of wind velocity were compared with metriological data in Nassiriya city. The maximum amount of power was 4.65 Watt calculated for horizontal axis turbine. FLUENT and GAMBIT codes were used to prove the validity of this study. It was concluded that the horizontal axis turbine is more efficient than the vertical one, which is in good agreement with literature.