Array of silicon nanorods with a circular cross section onto Mo nanopillars arrangement were grown using glancing angle deposition (GLAD) on Si (100).Deposition technique was used to fabricate Mo thin film on silicon flat surface. Teflon deposited on the tips of Mo nanorods at normal incident evaporation (θ 0oC) with deposition time of (5 min.) to study the hydrophoposity and hydroplilicity of the surface. Morphology of Mo and Mo/Teflon nanocomposite was carried out using scanning electron microscope (SEM) which indicates a (100 nm) of mo thin film and Mo nanorods on silicon substrate. Contact angle measurement on nanocomposite Mo nanorods with Teflon grown on their tips exhibited contact angle values as high as (116o) indicating an increase in the hydrophopocity of original hydrophilic Mo nanostructures that had an angle of (40o).