The aim of this study is reduce the evaporation rate from dry-wet cooling tower combination system through using different shapes and different arrangements between dry and wet cooling towers.
Four shapes of corrugated packing were used in the study with all arrangements combination between dry and wet cooling towers in order to get the shape that give minimum evaporation rate (loss).
Four arrangements combination of dry-wet cooling tower, two of arrangement were series (AS1, and AS2), and two of arrangements were parallel (AP1, andAP2).
The variables for this study were obtained from North Oil Company (N.O.C.) in the Ministry of Oil of Iraq; these data included temperatures, flow rate, packing types, ambient conditions, pressure, and fan parameters.
The results show that AS1 configuration produces lower evaporation rates by about 58 % reducing in percent, and then followed by the other configuration. The corrugated types 1 and 4 gives the minimum amount of evaporation losses then the other types of corrugated by about 40 %. The corrugated types 1 and 4 operated with a minimum cost of operation