The idea of manufacturing came as a result of the high need of mechanical equipment make the
covering process of the walls with better efficiency and minimum cost in comparison with manual
method which is used today and depend on the achieving worker efficiency. The required designs
had been established on the view point of the above equipment as shown in figure (1) . And it had
been made from carbonic steel type ( Ck30 according to the Germany specification DIN). And
using electric arc welding (ARC) been linked to some parts of the equipment with each other to
form the main structure shown in Figure (2).which their advantage is:-
1-Easy to install and reinstall at the working field with no need to experience and knowhow.
2-Light weight where it will be easy to raise and transported by the operator with no help.
3-Not costly economically by the manufacturing and using side.
The practically application of this equipment had been achieved by covering of selected areas for
different walls using (ceramic) internal covering material. The study include the effect of non-plain
these walls ( it’s undulation vertical and horizontal ) for the followings:-
1-The required filling material (A mixture of cement, sand and water ).
2-The required covering achieving time.
3-The total cost measured by (Dinar per square meter).