Drip irrigation system can apply frequent and small amounts of irrigation water at many points of a field surface/subsurface near the plants with drip irrigation, plant water and fertilizer requirements can also be applied to the plant root zone with minimum losses, maintaining steady moisture in the soil profile. In addition, drip irrigation systems have the advantage of fitting difficult topography. The research studied drip irrigation system (looped with carrier network) in analogue system, to generate data by using analogue system, it an electrical board is constructed to simulate the field network. That means to use thermal wires to simulate the laterals, and resistances to simulate the emitters. A relationship has been concluded through the derived equation between the emitters discharge and resistance voltage. Comparing both equations that are derived from the field, a new relative equation has been concluded; with a new relative reflect the head and current relationships. The analogue results confirm the field results by using three types of emitters (Turbo, Adjustable flow drippers and Long-Path emitter). The field results took from studied at 2010