The current research tries to focus on the form of relation between the existing policies of the urban renewal and the possibility of their influence by the sustainability methodology which became today in the front of the propounding solutions for most of the adopted directions in the (urban, environmental) design, through that, choosing a sample for a traditional city is in need to such policies represent a suitable status for the study, city of old Mosul is considered a good example for this purpose for having the past features with all its different faltering and accumulations, where demolition hoes began to snort in its vibrant body.
The current research dealt with unclearness of the relation between the urban renewal policies and the propounding methods of sustainability and the influence of these policies with the current methods, and it tried to explain this relation where it displayed the most important urban renewal policies and analyzing their relation with sustainability methods on the urban level through showing a number of vocabularies within this side and its showing for a relation between each other.