In the present study, the effect of the stress ratio change on the threshold of the fatigue cracks for an aluminum alloy have been researched. This aluminum alloy was taken from a blade of Russian MI25 helicopter. A specimen of MI25 blade has been cut into testing specimens of standard dimensions; the stress intensity factor as a basic variable has been calculate and used by making an initial crack in the test specimens.
The test have been conducted for five different stress ratio : ( R = - 1 , 0.0 , 0.1 , 0.3 , 0.5 ) : Several tested have been done to study the effect of these change on the threshold of fatigue crack , The result obtained in this research were compared to some well knows previous scientific theories and research in this field . At each stress ratio ( R ) , several specimens have been used to obtain the threshold stress intensity factor for that value of ( R ) . From the results obtained , it is clear that the value of the threshold stress intensity factor range (ΔK) decreases as the stress ratio increases. Whereas ; at a negative stress ratio: (ΔK) increase for threshold fatigue crack