Recently, Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) has been on the forefront of research. SMAs are unique alloys in that they can remember an original shape after being deformed. They have been used for a wide variety of applications in various fields. The natural frequencies have been identified as one of the most critical parameter in vibration study which may lead to structure failure during resonance. In present work, an analytical solution for the calculation of natural frequencies of composite cantilever beams with embedded SMA wires was studied. The beams were clamped at one end and free in other end. A mathematical model is developed to describe the behavior of the natural frequencies of a cantilever composite beam embedded by SMA wires and solved by using Matlab program. The natural frequencies found from the analytical were compared with previous research and got a good agreement error. It was found that the natural frequencies of beams decreased with increasing the number of embedded SMA wires at a temperature below martensite temperature transformation and increased with increasing the number of embedded SMA wires at a temperature above austenite finish transformation. Some geometrical factors and mechanical properties were studied in this work, such as width of beam, thickness of beam, length of beam, diameters of SMA wires, modulus of elasticity of Glass fiber epoxy, and austenite ratio in SMA wires. Increasing these factors caused increasing in the natural frequencies of composite beam while the increase of length of beam resulted in decreasing in natural frequencies.