The quality of an electrical power plays an important factor in any industrial process, these factors relate to the economic and technical benefits. The cement industry used many of the miscellaneous equipment's, which are classifying as non-linear loads such as induction motors, transformers and etc. The electrical equipment's are absorbing additional currents called "inductive reactive currents"; the effects of additional currents making electrical network inefficient, result of reducing the power factor. However, the low power factor will affect the increase the loads on the power station on the one hand and on the efficiency of the equipment's, capacity of transformer's, sizes of cables and capacity of switchgears on the other hand this in relation to the cement plant.
In this paper, the effects of low power factor on main motors which use in AL-Najaf cement plant analyzed, such as raw material mill, cement mill and the clinker cooler. The necessary reactive power for the capacitor bank calculated according to practical readings for equipment's information that printed on the name-plates, by using two methods for calculation (the mathematical equations and table of factor K). The influence of power factor correction on the motors, transformers and sizes and losses of electrical cables calculated. The advantages of power factor correction are analyzed for economic and technical sides.