This paper include studying the effect of adhesive wear of three groups which fabricated of 100% non-saturated polyester resin, 70% non-saturated polyester resin with 30% E -fiber glass, and the third was 70% non-saturated polyester resin with 30% carbon fiber.
Adhesive wear test have been conducted on specimens which fabricated from material above according to ASTM G-99 in diminutions (10x10x25) at variable loads(5,10,15,17.5)N ,sliding speed (1.9, 3.79, 5.96) m/min and constant time (5) min using pin on disc method in dry condition at room temperature. Wear rate in the experiments was determined as weight loss.
The results show that the wear rate of composite specimens increase when the applied load and sliding speed for all types of composites increased. The wear characteristics improved by adding carbon fiber to polyester gives less wear rates compared with other types of composites for all loads and sliding speeds